Maintain Your DPF

A typical DPF is constructed so that the exhaust gases enter a cell, which is plugged at the far end. The gasses are able to escape through the sidewall of these cells, leaving behind solid particulate matter in the form of residual soot and ash.

Through the regeneration process the soot is regularly burnt off and turned into ash. Over time these ash levels build up and eventually (typically over 60K – 80k miles+) the filter becomes blocked.

Some filters can become blocked much sooner if regeneration fails and ash bridging occurs, blocking off the cells prematurely.

The only way to clear the ash (and any excess soot that cannot be burnt off through regeneration) is to remove the DPF from the vehicle and clean the DPF cells in the opposite way to the exhaust flow. This can be done with a typical street pressure cleaner however would damage the cells if put to close. We recommend an expert like DPF Centre to clean your DPF.

Make Maintenance a Regular Process

One thing to consider would be adding DPF cleaning to a current preventative maintenance plan. Why not take the extra time and effort to make sure the vehicle is in top notch condition for the next trip? It could save you so much money in the long term. We can help.

The Regeneration Process

The DPF filter traps carbon particles, filtering exhaust gases as they pass through. Like any filter this must be regenerated (cleaned) to restore it to full operation. Under normal circumstances the regeneration process is carried out by the car itself when the engine/emissions management system detects the DPF is in need of regeneration.

When a fault develops with the DPF filter, manual regeneration is required. This is completed in combination of the workshop and driving the vehicle.

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